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About Me

I'm a librarian in a rural town. Before figuring out that I belong in a library, I've been an English teacher, short-order cook, clothing store manager, landscaper, writing tutor, and I have gutted and rebuilt a house. I live in Oklahoma where I was lucky enough to marry the most wonderful woman I have ever met. And, yes, she reads. We have two strong, smart, amazing daughters between us as well as 3 unruly dogs.

About the Blog

I began this blog because I enjoy books and writing and have worked in related professions for many years. I provide a variety of resources for book groups to make hosting them easier and more enjoyable. I also love giving book recommendations, so writing book reviews is just an extension of that passion. 

Throughout my life, I've met many seemingly ordinary people with extraordinary talent and wanted to have a platform to host their interviews.  I love the opportunity to share their compelling stories with a larger audience. Finally, there are such interesting things in the world, and now I have a place to feature them.