An Evening Out. A Show.

Have you ever felt like an anomaly? like a sideshow people were looking at curiously, if sideways, but you couldn't figure out what could be interesting enough to garner the attention?  When I wrote this piece, that's a bit how I was feeling, although I just chuckled at the oddity of it all. My friend and coworker in the clothing business invited me to a party and I accepted.  That's when things got weird; I typically didn't do social events, but rather spent my time with my nose in a book, writing, or talking about whatever random bits of literature or life sparked some kind of synaptic response in my brain that week. But then people kept coming up to me asking, "Is it true? Are you going to the party?" I had a lot of responses bouncing around in my brain, but the shocked expression they wore shocked me into a numb, dumb response, "uh, yeah."  The situation was singular enough to my experience that I decided to put Thomas in that position and  wrote this piece as a result.

An Evening Out. A Show by and he reads