Thomas Poem: At Task, With Tunes

At Task, With Tunes.jpg

This selection is from a series of poems based on, or about, a character named Thomas.  I designed him as an alter ego of myself; think Henry in John Berryman’s Dream Songs.  During the writing of the Thomas poems, you’ll see that sound comes up often.  Within the poems, Thomas’ words are often referred to as songs: this is mostly because these poems, like most poems, should be read aloud.  Consonance and assonance, spaces, line breaks (breath), a disjointed rhyme, all are important to how they are vocalized; even the feel of the words as they are formed and trip off the tongue.  Many of them are loosely based on the sonnet form, the key word being loosely.  

They may feel a little obscure at first, but if you read them aloud and give them a your full attention while accepting that within the ruminating nature of them there is a definite playfulness and mischievousness, you’ll soon find that they will stick with you.

In the end, I just want you to enjoy them and hope they resonate with you in some manner.