Just One Time by K.S. Hunter: A sexual thriller

I enjoy taking part in blog tours for new book releases, and that is how I came to read Just One Time, by K.S. Hunter, a pseudonym of an international bestselling author.  After reading the book, I am intrigued by just who K.S. Hunter might be.  The first thing I would like to say about this book is that the author is skilled at creating a fast-paced narrative which is a sign of an accomplished writer of thrillers.  

If you want to read a quickly-paced book where nearly every page holds tension and hurtles you toward the next scene, you really may enjoy this book.  For a sexual thriller, which is the only adequate way I can think to describe this book, that kind of pace is typically expected.  Still, there are times when that can be overdone, and the result becomes more comical than intended. For example, when the protagonist, David, loses his phone while waiting to see a play, the search for it is over-the-top:

The one-minute warning encouraged a heightened buzz in the audience’s murmurs, excitement for the play’s start filling the air. 
I placed my hands on my lap, awaiting the play’s start. Then it must have been a memory muscle that struck me: the sensation of feeling empty space, touching material, my legs and nothing else. My whole body sprang to attention, my pulse increased, my breath became short and sharp.
My phone. It wasn’t on my lap any more.
The play was about to start. The theatre was poorly illuminated. Its genre was horror; lighting was key to establishing the right mood. How long did I have to find my phone? Not long, not long at all.

The search continues:

    …I felt around, lowered my head so that it pressed against the seat, and searched blindly. Still couldn’t feel anything. No phone, with the play about to start, I was really perspiring now. Sweat covered my forehead. The wetness under my arms, which had begun to dry after my mad dash to the theatre, now seeped through my shirt. The shirt stuck to my back. I felt eyes on me, even though I couldn’t see anyone, not the people next to me, nor those in front and behind. God, I was embarrassed.

The sex scenes in the book, which are probably what some of you are really after, read just like the phone search above, with a few choice body parts replacing nouns like phone and seat and a couple “fuck me”s thrown in to make the reader feel like they are reading something naughty.

I know there are going to be people who enjoy this book. I’m not one of them.  There are no likable characters in this book.  The main character is so pathetic.  He can’t help it that beautiful women throw themselves at him and it’s really his wife’s fault that he sleeps with other women because she is so cold to him and won’t forgive his previous affair.  And the red-hot Nina, the antagonist, is your stereotypical sexy, crazy chick. She seduces men into having the best sex of their life, and then blackmails them and threatens to remove their penises. Of course, she is really a hurt, vulnerable woman who is ultimately trying to get men to see the error of their ways and be better husbands.  C’mon.

To sum it up, this book is fast-paced and thrilling and will be loved by some, but I think many readers will come to the same one-word conclusion I did: ridiculous.

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